Ten years of searching

for an answer

By God's grace and guidance

from conception to completion

Finally the waiting is over

a vision becomes a reality

This is the story of our journey

The beginning of Good Shepherd Church

How did it all started?

The Idea Conception

Started in St.Michael & All Angel's Church

In the mid of 1970 the church attendance of St.Michael &All Angel's Church was increasing rapidly. Whenever there was a special service or event, the Church could not take in all the people. Many of them stand outside the Church during these events. The car park area also become a problem as members can't find a place to park their car. Thus the Parish Church Council realized that a bigger church was required to respond to the needs of present parishioners, and the further growth of the Church.

Ever since Bishop Yong Ping Chung (middle) was appointed Rector (then) of St.Michael Church in December, 1973 he had his vision of a Daughter Church but had kept in a secret and waited for the right moment for God to reveal His plan. On the 10th August, 1976, this  idea of building a completely new Daughter Church was bought up in Parish Council Meeting and the vision was then shared to the rest of church members.

Searching Land

To build the Church we need a land which is increasingly difficult to find and costly to purchase. After searching for a year, we looked at two piece of land, but both did not materialize. Just when we were about to give up and settle for a house in a housing estate, God provided us a land (1.05 acres) which was situated at Mile 5, North Road was available and belong to a Church family. It is an ideal place because Tshun Nyen and Sibuga Housing Estate were already established. Other nearby estates were in the process of being developed. Thus the transfer of the land was completed in February 1978. Additional land (0.92 acres) was added (1979) to accommodate the Church, a Rectory, a Church Hall and other social amenities.

Purchased Land in Mile 5, Labuk Road, 1978

Now we have our land. Our next challenge is to raise building fund. Thus on 24th September, 1978, a group of committee was appointed and led by Rev. Yapp Foh Yu (chairman - third from left).

How we raise fund?

1. A pledge card system requesting each church member (working adult) to pledge a month's salary or whatever amount he could afford as a symbol of "my gift to God".

2. "RM100 a plate" Buffet Dinner was successfully launched on the evening of 15th December, 1979 at the Sabah Hotel. More than 300 guests attended, some are not Church members but wanted to show their support.

3. Donations &Collections on St.Monica's and St.Gabriel's Day

4. Through yearly Christmas Carolling (between 1978 and 1983).

5. Women Fellowship contributed through their efforts in sales of food, sales of kindergarten uniforms and other handicrafts.

6. Challenge by Datuk R.G.Barrett on 19th Oct, 1978 - He promised to give RM1 for every RM1 we gave to the Building Fund. His challenge would hold good for a period upto 31st December 1981 with the provision for extension of the dateline.

7. The Parish Bazaar in September, 1983.

An example of a "Pledge Card" system for church members

The article of "RM100 a plate" Buffet Dinner from local newspaper

Buffet Dinner in Sabah Hotel, 15th December, 1979

The Women's Fellowship who helps in organizing Parish Bazaar and sales.

Challenge by Datuk R.G.Barrett on 19th Oct, 1978

The Parish Bazaar in 1983

Building Fund Summary as at 31st December

1978 109,608.75
1979 268,121.60
1980 491,202.44
1981 630,389.36
1982 839,079.51
TOTAL 1,357,218.35

The Church Building Progress

1) Land Reclamation (Dec 1981) - First and second phase were completed by raising the ground level to Labuk Road.

2) "Breaking the Ground" Ceremony (19th, September, 1982) - It was conducted by Bishop of Sabah, The Rt.Rev.Luke Chhoa, in the presence of more than 100 parishioners.

3) Construction Period (from Oct 1982 to March 1984) - Piling works commenced, foundation completed, pillars began to appear, then came the roof and eventually, the walls were put up.

4) Gotong-Royong (11th March and 20th March, 1984) - More than 100 church members, young and old shows up to clear the debris, cut the grass and turf the bare up.

5) Consecration &Dedication Service (6th May, 1984) - 1,111 guests and church members turned up, praising and thanking God for His guidance, encouragement and blessing through this new church building.

The First Visit to the Church Site

The 'Breaking of Ground' ceremony

Construction Begin

Site in progress

Site in progress

Site in progress

"Gotong Royong" by church members

"Gotong Royong" by church members

"Gotong Royong" by church members

Church Completion in March, 1984

Overall view from Labuk Road

The Consecration & Dedication Service - 6th May 1984

The service started by ringing the bell at 5pm following the marching of choirs from rectory towards church.

Handling over the keys of the Church to Bishop

Total of 1,111 guests and church members

Baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit Amen!

Blessing of the Altar

Singing of hymn "All people that on earth do dwell"

Blessing of the Rectory


To everyone who helped and contributed in this project

It is amazing how God had moved our people to give and to support in this project. We thank God for guiding us, leading us, sustaining us and at time prompting us. "I will always thank the Lord; I will never stop praising Him." May this Church stand forever as our living witness of Praise and Thanksgiving to the Almighty God.

All information were taken from these books below

You may find them in COGS Resource Center for further reading.

Souvenir Booklet 1984

10th Anniversary Sourvenir Magazine

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