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Vision Primary School Sandakan
Venue: Jalan Sek Menengah Kebangsaan Sandakan II, 90000 Sandakan

Our Vision
To be at the forefront of the education scene in Sabah, changing society’s view on education and beyond. We prepare our students for life, instead of just exams. Our point of difference is that we believe in ‘Character Above Academics’ where a person who has good, Godly character will be able to achieve success in life, even if they did not do well in their exams. We look into the child as a person, instead of just another student who needs to get good grades.


Welcome to Vision Primary School Sandakan!
Owned and run by the Anglican Church, we are a continuation of the work that started 130 years ago in St. Michael’s School, St. Monica’s School and St. Gabriel’s School. Vision Primary School Sandakan started in January 2017 with 3 classes; we take in 2 new classes of Primary 1 every year, until we bring everyone up to graduate in Form 5.

Why Vision School?
The Vision School was set up to glorify God. As a church-run school we believe that ‘The Fear of The Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom ~ Proverbs 1:7’. We hope that we will bring quality education to the people in Sandakan; we hope that we will build character; that our students will be of good and Godly character, who will impact society in a positive way, contributing to nation building and creating a positive impact globally.

How can we achieve this?
Our work is based on our Core Values which can be summarised as GET.

G – God-centred;
We believe in the impartation of Godly values in our classrooms and daily lessons to produce students who are wise in their actions and decisions. We believe in the Bible being the word of God, which has the power to change lives.

E – Education for Life;
Our lessons are planned so that students experience the learning and become independent learners so that they will be better equipped to face a future that will change constantly. We are also focused on 21st Century Skills of Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Character & Citizenship.
T – Thinking People;

Our aim is to provide our students and teachers with an environment that is free for them to question everything. Our lessons are designed in such a way that questions become the basis of our learning. Students are encouraged to ask questions which they will find answers to on their own, while teachers enter a class with a set of questions that the students need to answer before the end of the class.

Come and join the Vision School Family today!

Frequent Asked Questions (FQA)

1. When did the school start?
We began operations on the 3rd January 2017, starting with 2 classes of Primary 1 and 1 class of Primary 2.

2. Is it an International School?
We are a local private school, running on the Malaysian Education Syllabus.

3. What syllabus do you use?
We are licensed to run DLP (Dual-Language Programme) as provided for by the Ministry of Education, whereby our students may answer their UPSR Maths and Science papers in English. We use books from Singapore to fulfil our local syllabus requirements for English, Maths and Science.

4. Is it recognised by the Malaysian Ministry of Education?
Yes, we are a fully functional school, registered with the Ministry of Education. In fact, our sister school in Bandar Sri Indah, Tawau has been operating since 2009.

5. Can the students get into local universities?
Yes, our graduates from Tawau have been admitted into local and private universities, Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan, progressing to University Malaysia Sabah, and also STPM in local schools.

6. Where do you get your teachers? Are they trained?
Our teachers are hired locally by the School Board. Training and professional upgrading is provided periodically by our education consultants from KK and the USA. Our teachers will also gather with the teachers from Tawau for corporate training annually.

7. How do I enrol my child?
We have started taking Primary 1 in applications for 2018 and 2019. You will need to come to the school and fill in an application form.

8. How many students are there in a class?
We are taking in 2 new classes of Primary 1 every year, and each class can take in a maximum of 30 students. That means, we only have 60 places up for grabs every year.

9. What is the difference between Vision School and other schools in Sandakan?
The biggest difference is our method of teaching. Our classrooms are designed so that the students are more relaxed, and the teachers are trained to ask questions rather than give answers.

10. Are there any exams?
Yes, our students will be tested 4 times a year, and you may expect a Report Card every semester. Together with the Report Card, our students will also be assessed according to their 21st Century skills (6C’s) during their classroom activities.

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